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How To: Choose the Right Shirt Collar

May 14, 2018

Anyone who has been following me on instagram knows that I love a suit. If you haven’t already read my ‘How To: Style a Suit’ post I would suggest reading that before this.

An huge yet understated part of pulling off a suit is making sure you have the right collar shape to suit your body and face. Scroll down to see which shirt collar suits you:

Classic Collar

The classical collar is a timeless and traditional collar which suits people with larger faces. The collar can be worn with wide and slim tie knots, the four-in-hand tie knot is my preferred knot with this collar. It can also be worn without a tie.

Cutaway Collar

The Cutaway Collar is a modern design with wide collar points angled outwards. Due to its rounded appearance it suits people with slim or long faces and is designed to be worn with a large tie knot such as a full Windsor knot. It can also be worn without a tie, I like to wear mine under a knitted contrast colour sweater.

Semi/Moderate-Cutaway Collar

This collar is halfway between the classic collar and cutaway collar, making it suitable for all face shapes. Like the cutaway collar, this collar is designed to be worn with a larger tie knot  as more of your tie knot is on display. This collar can be worn without a tie and is perfect for a quick dress down after work.

Extreme Cutaway Collar

The extreme cutaway collar take the semi/moderate-cutaway collar one step further. It is one of the most widespread collars on the market, with the collar points pointing towards the shoulders. It suits men with narrower faces and is best worn with a slim tie and a small tie knot. For a well-balanced look match it with a medium or wide spread lapel suit.

Button-down Collar

The Button Down collar was originally used to keep the collar in place, however is now worn purely for aesthetic purposes . This is a casual shirt and is best worn with casual suiting. Style it with a tie for a preppy look, a knitted jumper for an italian vibe and swimwear for a relaxed feel.


Wing collar

The wing collar is triangular in shape and its tips sit flat to resemble wings. Designed as an evening shirt, it’s perfect for special occasions such as weddings and black tie events. Make sure you wear it with a bow tie and tuxedo to complete the look.

What’s your go-to style collar? Comment below!

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